How do I get my website found.

     So you have gone the distance and made yourself a beautiful website.  Congratulations.    But wait,  after a week or so you soon realize that you’re the only one viewing it.   What could be wrong? What do you do next?  Well you are not alone.  There are approximately 4,600 business owners in North London area with that very same question.    Here is what you do!

Remember that just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you have ANY online presence.  So follow this advice and see what’s going on.  First go to the Google search bar, and enter    “site:”.   For example if you are the owner of say ABC car dealership,  you type and see if any results show up below the search bar.

      If your site appears in the organic results below.  You are on the Google radar and are worrying about nothing.  But wait, there is more.    What if you are not found!!     Here are a few things to look into.

     Google’s position is that, if you are not found, they will eventually find you.  They have millions of little robots called crawlers or spiders that spend every waking hour going through all the sites in the world wide web and index’s them.   The report they send back is presented back as a search result RANKING or RELEVANCY.    This is why Google’s search engine is so amazing.  They make sure all the results the people are looking for are both HIGH in QUALITY and RELEVANT to every searchers individual quires.  Look at the chart below for a  basic overview.

     As an inside scoop let us tell you what could be the problem.  If it is only a simple problem of waiting for the crawlers to find your new site, thats okay.  There are ways to expedite this.   What if however the person or company who made you the site put a crawler blocker so Google doesn’t find you!  Now the Google’s crawlers and/or spiders can’t index your site.  Resulting in potential clients finding someone else and … well you lose a good lead.

      Another issue could be that your site, as beautiful as it may look.  Is filled with SPAM and low quality content.   Without proper guidance from an online web marketing company, how would you know what is going to work?   In this case, you will see your site appear in the Google index when you search using the ‘”.   However you’re getting no visitors, or worse.  No good visitors…just a bunch of confused and possibly annoyed people.

     It is moments like these when you, and your beautiful website, contact your website maker and ask them what is going on?  In most cases, you will be left to deal with this yourself and will no doubt have to pay a large sum of money in addition to building your web site to get it marketable.   Remember, a website is more than just a bunch of pages with colours and information.  It is governed by “internet rules”, and web site “viewer expectations”.   Make sure no “Black Hat Techniques” are used, or Google will ban or worse, ignore your site.   There are many “White Hat Techniques” available to you, so your site will be ranked high and relevant according to Google’s search engine parameters.   For those who understand the colour of these hats, but have no idea what they mean.  Think of them as ethical versus immoral ways of generating leads. Simply explained, they are immoral because all they do is get interested people to visit, but end up wasting their time and frustrating them till they leave your site.  To never return. Remember, a good website should bring web users to your site and convince them to choose your company and your product.  Retaining them so they remain loyal to your site and becoming your long term clients :)

    I hope this put you on a level playing field with the basics in understanding what happens in the online world, and how it can affect your online presence.

      For all your questions, don’t forget to contact us. If we get the same question often enough, it will be a future  topic of our blog.    Till next week, stay tuned North London.