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Company Branded Email Addresses

branded_email Company branded email addresses (e.g. help businesses have an online identity, display professionalism, gain trust and help make a good impression. How many times have you come across with a business having an email address such as using Hotmail? The first thought that was evoked when seeing that email address was probably not positive. Emails sent from company branded email addresses give a sense of assurance of genuineness and professionalism. Possessing a company branded email address is vital for a company. There are several benefits that your business gets through company branded email addresses instead of using generic email addresses.

Some of the advantages of company branded email addresses include:

  • Professional Image

Customers will always prefer to get associated with businesses that are professional by all means. Generic email addresses break the professional image of your business. Email addresses are vital, businesses without a personalized email addresses are usually overlooked by customers. An email address with your business name highlights the professionalism and genuineness of the products and/or services offered.

  • Brand Name and Recognition

Brand name is very crucial for any business. As people see your brand name enough times through your company branded email address, they automatically recognize it to be a branded one.

  • Trustworthiness

Company branded email addresses are more trustworthy than the ones with generic email addresses. With an increasing number of online fraudulent behaviour, brand name is the indicator whether to trust an email or not. As a result, branded email addresses successfully conveys the message while generic ones have a higher probability of bouncing back without any results.

  • Contact the Right Person

Email address like, or helps your customers in contacting the right person in your company. Being able to contact the right person in a company satisfies the customers and helps in building a strong relationship ahead.

  • Promote Your Website and Brand

A company branded email address gives you the added advantage of promoting your website. You can market your products and services through emails. On the other hand, as people notice your branded email address several times in their mail, you will be the first brand name to flash in their mind when they look forward to purchasing related products and /or services.

  • For You and Your Employees

A company branded email address reduces the number of spam that you get daily. It blocks unnecessary spam mails and allows only the trusted ones to your Inbox. This ensures customer mail reception in a timely fashion. So, instead of serving unwanted mails, you can deal directly with your customer requirements.

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